Risk & Technology Information

As part of our commitment to you, our Risk & Technology Manager and his team will conduct security risk assessments of your building portfolio as part of our standard service offering.

We will work with you to design appropriate solutions, ranging from the development of CCTV Operational Requirements to Home Office standards, to the testing of security systems and recommending technical security products or specialist security services.

The risk assessment process draws on a variety of sources to provide an accurate evaluation of potential threats, including:

  • opportunist theft
  • corporate espionage
  • professional theft
  • insider threats
  • burglary
  • disaffected employees
  • information theft
  • cyber threats
  • vandalism
  • fire & flood
  • protests & demonstrations
  • terrorism

A comprehensive assessment of the threat is achieved through consultation with site management, the customers, forums, searching intelligence databases and utilising crime statistics from credible sources.

Understanding your risk profile
We will conduct a thorough physical site survey to get a clear understanding of how effective the existing security systems, processes and manned guarding deployment are.

We also focus on the protection levels against the critical assets that you identify as having significant importance to your business.

This potentially includes personnel; physical assets with an intrinsic or commercial value; information which may be sensitive or could be used for competitive advantage; IT, telecommunications or utilities infrastructure running business-critical services; or anything which could significantly affect the reputation of your business.

Once the level of threat and physical security vulnerabilities are understood, they are then measured against quantifiable impact levels. This minimises subjectivity in the overall risk level assessed. And if you choose to lower the risk levels after they have been identified, our Risk & Technology Manager will provide you with practical recommendations.

Cost-savings and efficiencies
These may be ‘nil cost’ process enhancements, better use of existing manned guarding resources or an investment in improved security systems. We will also identify cost-saving opportunities where there is the potential to make efficiencies without compromising security risks.

Cyclical risk review process
Our commitment to Risk & Technology is not a one-off. Risk management is a cyclical process. Therefore, on an annual basis – or in the event of a significant change in risk – we will conduct a full review.